Origin of company name and logo
The name "Black Lion" and the logo comes from the "black ship" that is related to Hakodate where there is a local household head office of the partner, and "Lion" which was in Hakodate Park in the past.
Like a black ship who visited Hakodate Port that year, "a wish to be a bridge of exchange between Japan and overseas" and "belief that keeps chasing the ideals that do not exist at present"
It is included in the legendary black lion
Management philosophy and wish
"Japan's good things go abroad" which is the basis of our management philosophy "and" reverse importing of popular NIPPON overseas ".
The desire to spread Hokkaido and Japanese good things overseas ", and" wish to connect with Tokyo and the world to make Hakodate cheerful "are included in the company name and logo of Black Lion.
■Partnership introduction■
『Ebimen Sohonke JIMOTOYA』
Head office in Hachiman-shi, Hachiman-shi. Next, we opened the Goryokaku shop and opened a shop representative of Hakodate. You can enjoy the menu which exists only at each store.
  • JOIN ALIVE artist village (artist catering zone) opened at the request of the organizer. Since then, we are regularly opening stores.
  • Autumn Fest (Hokkaido · Sapporo taste festival) Opened to 2014 with opening request. Beyond 1650 cups (1 day) not broken in the past nine years "establishing the record of 1680 cups". During the period, the queue will never be lost, and in the first five days it is said that 6446 cups are said to be a first-time shop while knocking out phenomenal figures, and the organizer also gives a surprise voice and high evaluation. Since then, it is open until 2017.
  • aiko Live Tour Love Like Pop vol.17 received an offer from the organizer side and carried on dressing catering.
  • Catering of the Academy Award candidate movie "There is only light there" set on Hakodate starring Takeshi Ayano.
  • 2017 We opened a food court at Hakodate racecourse (summer horse race). The number of customer mobilization and high evaluation exceeding the assumption.
  • (Media related record)
  • TVH Shingo Yanagisawa's selfish tour
  • TVH Tabi komi Hokkaido
  • Ramen Walker Hokkaido(Posted the largest in Donan area page)