By using "soup stock" technique cherished Japanese food as soup, using "shrimp juice" taken from shrimp, finished in a savory flavorful rich flavor of shrimp. It is a soup that can be said as the life of a local prawn ramen noodle soup, which combines the savory flavored shrimp soup with rich pork bone soup at exquisite proportions, and the soup which is completed by mixing the local sauce with shrimp oil.
・Concentrated shrimp salt
Signboard menu of shrimp noodles total head home. There are 40 pork shrimps in use this cup. Shrimp juice melts out, a reddish extreme cup.
・Rich prawn miso
A fine dish using original soybean made from Hokkaido. Commitment miso and mellow shrimp's mellow harmony are also popular among women.
・Concentrated shrimp soy sauce
Exquisite balance of secret sweet shrimp soup and fragrant soy sauce. Deep flavor with rich body is a long-awaited gem that was developed on request.
・Rich prawn curry
Western culture Hakodate secret secret Hakodate curry and dream collaboration of Shrimp juice. The gorgeous shrimp and the scent of curry make it a habit of becoming a habit of stimulating appetite.